Piranha Hat Harness Tether

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Piranha Hard Hat Safety Tether | Hard Hat Harness

Piranha Tether Line Hat Harness

Our industrial hat harness attaches to your side or back beltloop to offer a secure connection point. Strap is adjustable for the perfect fit.

Unlike similar products, we created the Piranha Hat Harness with the highest quality parts in order to make it the toughest tether available today.

The clip that attaches to your belt-loop is made with a heavy gauge steel and coated to withstand against weathering. This clip meets military specifications and is widely used by policemen nationwide to securely attach keys to their uniform. It is corrosion resistant.

1” wide strap with heavy-duty rubber woven inside acts as a shock absorber should your hat fall from your head. Strap length is 33” and the clip adds another 2.5” to total length.

Piranha Hard Hat Safety Tether | Hard Hat Harness

To secure tether to hats with suspension strap system: Unclip black buckle and insert end without prongs underneath suspension strap, wrap it behind the hat strap, over the top and then back out. Buckle together. Adjust strap length so there is enough slack between hat and clip to allow for normal movement. Don’t allow excess slack so if hat falls it will not hit the ground.


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