Piranha Expand Band Tether

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Original Price$9.50
A fast and easy way to connect and disconnect your items while you’re on the job!

Made in the USA

The Expand Band tether is perfect for carrying items that are an unusual size and need more than just a clip. Simply wrap the stretchable Velcro band around your items for a tight fit and clip the other end to your belt to secure. Unlike other tethers and straps, the band stretches to fit your item with a tighter grip.

This multi-purpose tether offers fast and easy way to connect and disconnect your items while you’re on the job. It is made in the USA and built to last!

  • 1” Width
  • 11.25” Length
  • Industrial Velcro
  • Black Matte Clip

Unlike similar products, we create our Piranha Tethers with the highest quality parts in order to make them the toughest tether available today.

The clip that attaches to your belt-loop is made with a heavy gauge steel and coated to withstand against weathering. This clip meets military specifications and is widely used by policemen nationwide to securely attach keys to their uniform. It is rated to hold 75 pounds and measures 2.5” in length and 1” wide where the strap is inserted. 

The clip used on this Piranha Tether does not have a swivel base. Swivel clips on similar products allow whatever is below the clip to spin in a circle as you move around. We have kept the strap short so that your items aren’t hanging too far down, potentially becoming a safety issue. It's also short enough to keep your items out of the way and reduces any swinging motions.


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